Friday, December 23, 2011

A Tentative Update

Oh, how it has been ages since I have updated this blog.
Much has happened.
Things have changed.
Not-so-unfortunately, I no longer work for the same business anymore. I've since left retail and hopped back into another not-so-favorite profession; Fast Food.
There are numerous reasons for the change in venue, not of all which being favorable. Regardless, I've worked fast food in the past, I needed a job, and it wasn't difficult to get back into. I've been at this particular restaurant for a little over a year now and, even though it's not the most prestigious job out there, it helps pay the bills. Hell, I'd be lying if I said that I don't tell myself, "I need a new job," at least once a day.

For those who may not have worked in fast food before, here is an over-all run down:
Customers suck.
Store upkeep sucks.
Co-worker drama sucks.
The pay sucks.
Customers suck a lot.
My husband quite nicely describes the work as being an underpaid, over-glorified janitor who happens to make food, as well.

But I digress.

What things have boiled down to, is the fact that I (once again) am in need of an outlet for daily annoyances. Blogging seemed to do me pretty well in the past, so I figured that I may as well give it another go. There are quite a few changes and/or updates that I plan on making to the over-all blog page, of course, so I'll probably be focusing on that before I actually get any rant-type posts rolling again. And I assure you, there will be rants to come. Our crew doesn't have assigned positions that we are cemented to on any given day or shift but, roughly 97% of the time, I get placed in the drive-thru to take orders. I'll go into more detail on that later. Until then, believe me when I say that it stretches my copious amounts of patience to the limit on a daily basis.

For now though, my bed is beckoning me into its sweet, loving embrace.
Come hither:
My lovely mattress.
My lovely pillow.
My lovely blankets.
For I wish to dream upon you,
Until the glaring sun rips me from your soft comfort,
To toil away once more.


Chairo_Kuma said...

I thought that working in an office would be better. It wasn't. Thankfully, I have been moved away from the women and into the shop with a bunch of men.
Maybe you could be a desk jokey with me and push around some grumpy men?
Miss you lots. =)

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